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Grumbae Succeeds with Celestial Electro-Pop Single “Waking Up”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Powerhouse gamer trio Grumbae has focused its passion for digital creativity into making music under its gaming brand. The Grumbae youtube channel is devoted to gamer content and has garnered nearly a million subscribers. Taking the Grumbae project further than just memes and streams, this UK group is quickly shaping up to get in-tune with the music industry.

The Grumbae trio has already put out the scenic vocal driven single “Move On (featuring Alessia Labate) released through proximity earlier this year, charged with melodic synthesizers that scream for smiles. Grumbae comes back to the heavyweight label Proximity with the electro-pop single “Waking Up” led by singer/songwriter Carly Paige’s powerful vocals.

“Waking Up” kicks off with celestial sounds, poignant piano, and of course, Carly Paige’s beautiful voice. This emotional track tells the tale of craving the one that got away, featuring shining synthesizers and a powerful drumline to reinforce the message behind the melodic vocals.

Expanding on its vast digital footprint, the Grumbae trio has serious production capabilities and a passion for electronic dance music. With the addition of music production to Grumbae’s loaded resume, it's only time until this brand is a name to know in the EDM scene.

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