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Guilt Chip & SUAHN Launch Their Experimental ‘Absolute Rain’ EP

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Shedding light to a masterpiece release that deviates from the traditional methods of music production, to explore elements of sound completely unheard by the human ear. Guilt Chip and SUAHN come together as the powerhouse duo that we didn't know we needed. The two create a firestorm of downright dirty wubs with their surreal Absolute Rain EP, out now through WAKAAN.

The four tracks paint a beautiful digital mirage of pure music innovation, employing new sounds and signature styles to deliver something completely unique. Absolute Rain embodies a fair ratio of Guilt Chip’s weaponized perspective of bass, and SUAHN’s distorted psychedelic style.

Absolute Ruin is, to date, my favorite body of work I have been a part of. When Blake and I first met, we were casually passing songs back and forth until we both realized that we had the same taste for music that pushed everything to its absolute edge.” - SUAHN

Absolute Rain proves to be an inspiration to push past the confirmative boundaries of music production, to create art that screams of unrelenting originality. Get Inspired!! Listen to Absolute Rain using the stream below.

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