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HÜM and Devyn Sawyer Release Latched EP

Written By: Nick Lamoureux

HÜM and Devyn Sawyer, recently launched their latest "Latched" EP.

HÜM is actually a side project from Mikah Hatcher, also known as HONÜ and Ethan Bedell, with Devyn Sawyer on vocals for the EP.

Those of you familiar with HONÜ will definitely be taken by surprise with this EP, but I think a lot of you will still enjoy it. Latched EP takes a shot at more of a traditional sound that you'd hear on the radio, but the execution of the production is on point!

I really love the message that the EP gets across as well, Mikah says that "the EP ‘Latched’ touches on the aspects of a long distance relationship.  It outlines the story of love for these two people and how emotions start to twist and turn when they are separated across the world."

This message is evident in the lyrics of (what is my favorite of the three,) "Lost."

"I'm ripping a bowl, I'm flicking an ash, I'm staring out the window lookin back at what we had... I'm feeling alone, so pick up the phone, so tell me that you love me, tell me that you know... Even when you're gone, still got me holding on. We don't ever talk, got me feeling so Lost."

I've never personally been in a long distance relationship, but I can't imagine it would be easy, and these lyrics really put it into perspective.

Both Mikah and Ethan were inspired by similar situations in which they had to leave their loved ones to chase after their dreams.

When asked about how the song came together, Mikah said that it was using "real instruments such as Guitar, Rhodes, live bass." The artists created a "unique melancholy vibe throughout these records."

Devyn Sawyer, the vocalist on the EP, was able to create an amazing vibe that enraptures the raw emotions that was felt when creating these songs. 

Lastly, Mikah says that "this EP is a reflection of Love, Hardships, Sacrifice and Trust." Give Latched EP a listen in the above linked Spotify playlist!  

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