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HARD Events Launches Dance Music Gaming Competition TRY HARDs

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

HARD Events is launching a dance music gamer's dream event with TRY HARDs, streaming on Insomniac TV on Twitch starting Monday 2/15!

In the first week of the event, there will be four total shows of TRY HARDs, combining some of dance music's biggest gamers with professional gamers, and then pitting the teams up against each other.

In what will be hosted by long-time gaming personality Brittani Johnson, from E3 and G4TV, Season One of TRY HARDs will feature six total weeks of streaming. Season One will include the following artists and celebrity gamers:

Artists: Chris Lorenzo, Cheat Codes, Wax Motif, Born Dirty, Danl from Gladiator, and many more headliners TBA.

Celebrity Gamers: AJ Mitchell, Renée Reynosa, Di3seL, kenjiGX and JRtheReaper to round them off.

Each daily event will be around a dedicated theme such as: Monday: Lighthearted games like Super Smash Brothers, Fall Guy and Rocketleague

Tuesday: First Person Shooters like COD and Fortnite

Wednesday: Sporting games like NBA 2K and Fifa Friday: Recap Episodes with highlights, bloopers and gossip from the week's action!

I, for one, am excited for the TRY HARDs to get after it. As a gamer myself, I have seen the combination of gaming and dance music over the years and I'm ecstatic to see it coming together with an event like this. Hop on Twitter or Instagram and tell us what you think.

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