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Hartshorn and Stu Infinity Bring Happy Hardcore to Basscon with “Thinkin About You”

Article by: Jessica Duncan

Denver-based happy hardcore producer Hartshorn has been making a name for himself in both the American and European hard dance scenes since 2016, catching the ear of happy hardcore legends like Darren Styles and Kutski. And Stu Infinity has been holding it down for UK Hardcore in Scotland for over a decade. The two producers have previously collaborated on a track, a remix of Abnormal Exist and Ryo’s song “Runaway.” Now, they have joined forces once again, but this time for an original track, “Thinkin About You,” out on Basscon Records today, October 7.

The beginning of the track sounds like it could be a trance song with a strong female vocal and uplifting synths before the chorus cranks up the BPM. The melody is very catchy and is sure to get stuck in the listener's head long after the song finishes. The kick drum isn't as aggressive as I would have expected for a hard dance song, but it still provides enough of a punch alongside the reverse bass to get the listener bouncing. The tom-tom-drum fills used throughout are a nice addition since they don’t get utilized in hard dance very often. Both Hartshorn and Stu Infinity's styles mesh well to create a cohesive track.


Basscon hasn’t released a lot of happy hardcore-style tracks so it is exciting to see them starting to release more. According to Hartshorn, “With what seems to be more attention towards hardstyle in the states, it’s been important to keep bringing happy hardcore to the table as no doubt it’s been the underdog for many years on the mainstream hard dance circuit. [It] took about a year between Stu Infinity and I working towards the final product, which was blends of modern UK Hardcore / Happy Hardcore."

Stream “Thinking About You” and stay up to date with Hartshorn and Stu Infinity by clicking the links below. Be sure to give Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify a follow to check out the rest of the hard dance tracks that dropped today.

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