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Henry Fong & Knock2 Turn Up the Bass with "What's the Move"

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Henry Fong is back at it with another action-packed bass house track, “What’s the Move” collaborating with Knock2 and featuring General Degree. The Los Angeles-based Fong and San Diego-based Knock2 hit it out of the park with this latest release on Steve Aoki’s label Dim Mak.

Everything about this song makes you want to “move for the bass,” and it wastes no time with General Degree’s lyrics playing over a very energetic bassline. As the kicks grow in intensity, the producers succeed in creating an engaging build-up before the wicked house drop hits. If Fong and Knock2 are asking “What’s the Move,” the answer from this track is clearly turn the bass up and bust out the moves!

In addition to producing this tasty track, both producers have been staying busy in recent months. Henry Fong just released his diverse multi-genre World Club Sounds sample pack on Splice, while Knock2 teamed up with ISOxo to produce a memorable set for Proximity’s Digital Mirage 2 in June. Based on the skill and style of this latest release though, one can hope these California-based artists continue to collaborate on more awesome bass house music in the future.

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