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Hidden Face Finally Emerges With I Don't Know EP

Article by: Thomas Taylor

Hidden Face is an attention-grabbing electronic house producer from France. His newest EP, I Don’t Know from Insomniac’s In Rotation is a stylish glimpse into a new future for electro-house music. Hidden Face stays true to his name, as the elusive French producer traffics in anonymity in an attempt to get listeners’ attention refocused on solely the music. And wow, does the music deliver!

The two-track EP is darkly mysterious, starting with the title track “I Don’t Know.” Here, Hidden Face uses swirling synths and a faux marimba sound to jack up the energy in this mid-tempo electro club song. The relation of the single to the work of renowned trio Above & Beyond is fresh and clear. Hidden Face does a fantastic job of using vocal chops to create the atmosphere of “I Don’t Know.” The song feels poised and sexy.

The second track, “Alone” starts slower than the first, with a reverberating buildup. The first drop is dangerous and sleek, with synths popping off as beautiful beats underpin the groovy sound.

Check out the new EP I Don’t Know and discover the mystery of Hidden Face by exploring the social links below for some mysteriously gorgeous tunes.

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