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House Music at Meow Wolf

Article by: Adiel Cantu

Photo: Adiel Cantu

The anticipation of going to Meow Wolf for the first time for almost a year made my heart race with excitement. Last May I came with a friend of mine to see Dizzy Wright and I’ve seen several shows since, but coming back with my best friend for an EDM show was thrilling. Sharing Meow Wolf with my bestie, while listening and dancing to Ekonovah and Autograf, left me with magical memories to last a lifetime.

If you have not yet been to Meow Wolf for a show, or just to explore the wonders of the art installations, you really owe it to yourself to check it out because it is amazing! With the variety of awesome and eclectic artwork, it is hard to describe to someone new, but I will do my best to let you relive the moments with me.

Photo: Adiel Cantu

We came early to have a drink and do some exploring before the show got started. We entered the House of Eternal Return to get our wristbands and to check our coats. A television monitor on the ceiling guided us down a dark hallway while reviewing the rules of Meow Wolf. We passed through the door on our right out to a grassy yard and made our way back to the Eternal House entering through the porch.

After shuffling by some fellow explorers as we walked through the living room, we examined the machine of the house grandfather, Emerson Selig, stashed in the dining area. Legend has it that he invented this contraption in his research of sonic energy, but further investigation found that it only lights up with a few flicks of a switch. As we walked away though, the lights flickered and the floor shook curiously, starting from where the machine sits. Looking at each other warily, we left the area as quickly as we could.

Glowing lights coming from the kitchen cabinets caught our eyes and drew us in. We satisfied our curiosity and opened the cabinet to find an odd looking orb of bright pink waiting to be gazed upon.

Photo: Adiel Cantu

We wandered around a bit more, wondering where we had to go for the EDM show. Finally, we opened the fridge to find a bright white light leading down a tunnel you would have to see to believe. Walking through the blinding white light of the fridge, we stepped into a spaceship with strange alien markings, weird planet names, and places unfamiliar to us. Going through one of the portal doors, we stepped into a room where all the floors and walls are covered with carpet and rugs.

We could hear the chatter of others wandering around in the woods of this wonderful world of strange but satisfying space. Like traveling down a rabbit hole with Alice, or getting swept away by a tornado with Dorothy, the immersive experience at Meow Wolf is so peculiar - you are definitely not in Kansas, or should I say New Mexico, anymore.

Photo: Adiel Cantu

Everything about this place made me happy! The crowd and atmosphere were awesome; I love going to a show where the crowd is mellow and the vibes are pure. I feel like I belong here and can be free to be myself at Meow Wolf. House music has always been a favorite for me, because it makes me feel happy and full of energy.

It felt surreal to see a personal favorite, the house artist Ekonovah, for the first time as he made his Meow Wolf debut. Ekonovah took control of the dance floor with his music, making every able person jump and dance to his body-shaking beats. As I danced and vibed to Ekonovah mix of Yaeji’s “Raingurl,” my friend shuffled her heart out with her big white platform shoes as her hair bounced to the beat.

Photo: Adiel Cantu

The atmosphere outside was just as energetic as it was inside, plus the cool brisk air was refreshing after dancing along on the steamy dance floor. We even met some cool visitors from New York, who were really nice and exhilarated to be in an artsy place like Meow Wolf.

Then came the headliner, Autograf, who ended the night with more lovely music and good vibes. It was also my first time seeing them, and they filled my heart with bliss. Although I was only familiar with their older work, I really enjoyed Autograf’s set and the new songs they played. My friend patiently waited for her favorite track and was ecstatic when Autograf finally played their SNBRN collab “Move All Night.” And she was right about the track; it’s a very catchy tune and a song I know will get stuck in my head. To end the night, we decided to watch from upstairs so we could get a full view of the show.

Photo: Adiel Cantu

Even though I had to work the next day, I stayed until the end because the show was too good to leave early. After the show, my friend and I managed to meet Autograf, and we had time to snap off a picture and get an autograph from them. It was the cherry on top of delicious night at New Mexico’s most mysterious music venue, Meow Wolf.

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