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How The Song "Potions" Changed My Life

Written By: Adiel Cantu

The song “Potions,” by Slander has such a strong meaning to me.

My first time listening to “Potions”I cried. I cried so hard I told myself, “the love in this song, I want that. I want someone to love me like that.” I never thought that talking to a random person who doesn’t even listen to EDM and showing him this song would have actually brought me what I had always hoped for.

I found someone that I would take potions for their love and I couldn’t be happier that we found each other. I met this guy on the craziest place that I would not have thought possible; Twitter! I laugh at it every time, but we have been keeping in touch. He's not into EDM as much as I am, but he did agree to go with me to The Alchemy Tour in Arizona where he lives. This would be his first EDM show and I couldn't be happier to experience a Slander show with him!

Photo By: Adiel Cantu

The first time I saw Slander was at Lost Lands 2018 as Gudvibes when they perform with NGHTMRE. It was at the Wompy woods stage right after Herobust. I had a very difficult decision to make at that point because I had never seen them or Excision. Being my first time going to a bass music festival I knew I had to make the right choice. And because I sold my ticket to Trapfest in Colorado to see Slander and NGHTMRE I felt that it was only right that I stayed and watched their whole set at Lost Lands. That was the best decision I made because I fell in love with their music and have been listening to them ever since.

The vibes at Slander's sets are something that I will never forget. Something about their music brings out a different side of me and it makes everything else around me just vanish. Their music feels my soul and brings me on a level only a few other Djs have been able to do.

Photo By: Adiel Cantu

Slander's music is so amazing and touching that I feel like their music understands what I have been going through and what I had been craving in my life. I only just started listening to Slander's music last year but I instantly fell in love. They are not your normal style of dubstep or bass music like Skrillex or Excision where their music makes you want to break your neck or jump in a mosh pit. Slander's music has a lot of feelings behind it, it’s about finding love, being in love, or the broken hearted.

A lot like Illenium and Said the Sky music, Slander pulls a lot of what the EDM community is calling “sadboys” and “sadgirls” in their fan base. To name a few songs that are similar to Potions giving off the same meaning are "First Time" by Seven Lions, "Darling" by Said the Sky and" Crashing" by Illenium. These songs make you feel happy and filled with joy, bringing back a memory from long ago that brings a tear to your eyes or a longing for a special person.

What are sadboys and sadgirls?

I honestly think they are just like ordinary fans, but that these fans have felt or have gone through somewhat of a similar situation to what the artist is implying through his production. I think that they can relate on a different level than the average dance music fans. In a sense, (not to offend anyone,) but these fans are kinda the more emotional of the EDM community. Again no offense because I claim myself as a sadgirl and will proudly claim this right. We tend to feel and understand just a little more to these artists that in a way it feels like it was written for us.

Especially this latest collaboration with Said The Sky.

Photo By: Adiel Cantu

This specific song is about a person that fell in love with someone they met and how they would do anything to stay with this person to make them happy even take potions to stay in love with them. Why do you think Slander writes songs like these? I think the answer is simple. Its because like everyone in life we all go through difficult times and wish we could change what or how we did something.

Just like the song implies “How could all the little moments we had, be so far gone?” means that we need to cherish those moments we have with each other. Never give up hope that there is always someone out there that we can find a love like this that can take away all the hurt and all the pain. We are all only human and sometimes we have to go through a lot before we can see the light on the other side.

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