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Ian Snow Releases Stellar New Single “Unlimited Vision”

Article by: Christian Langston

Hot off the presses, Ian Snow returns to Cultiv8 Records with a brand new space bass masterpiece, “Unlimited Vision.” With Ian collecting a growing list of cosigners, “Unlimited Vision” comes bearing some serious horsepower. The elysian melodies paired with a compelling spoken word vocal makes for a potential favorite for the impending festival season.

“Unlimited Vision” opens with a scant granular texture, surrounding a bewitching spoken word vocal. The listener is sucked in immediately, fusing into the track themselves. Drums are introduced momentarily, before transitioning into a powerful build. The sounds blend together as the energy increases, smoothly shifting into a cacophony of drums, a driving bassline, and spacey synths. The audience is treated to another spoken word section, inviting them into the story of the song. Ian quickly builds it back up into a final drop section, culminating the energy of the track.

Ian Snow has had some serious successes thus far; with support from some of the biggest names in dance music, we’re sure to see much more of him. “Unlimited Vision” is a testament to his accomplishments, combining the heavy with the euphoric. There’s no doubt you'll be hearing much of “Unlimited Vision.” Listen in its entirety, and keep up with everything Ian Snow has coming, using the links below!

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