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In Review: Cristoph at Sunbar

Written by: Kale Ryan

It’s been said before but this time, it really means what it says. If you missed Cristoph this recent Friday at Sunbar… then oh my goodness did you miss out. First off, what needs to be pointed out in order to set the tone is the venue itself. On the second floor of Sunbar should now be considered one of Tempe’s newest “underground warehouse” style venues.

With no windows and a low lit bar on the left when you walk in, all your eyes can see is the LED screen, the dj himself, and mostly bright white lighting flashing on and off as if it were just strobe lights. With the faint fog you find yourself thinking it’s just you, the music, and Cristoph himself. The bass was so deep, and the sound system so clear that you could feel it in your bones while the music was all around you.

To go with the vibe of this “underground warehouse” feel, Cristoph delivered an incredible set by dropping some of house/tech house’s favorite artists and songs. The minute that man dropped “Oddity” by Eric Prydz, the crowd knew exactly where he was headed. Progressing into the night he brought in some of Eric Prydz aliases work from Pryda. Another favorite artist that was presented during his set was none other than Jeremy Olander. He then moved onto playing one of the most recognizable songs in this day in age, but his own rendition, called “Sweet Dispostion” by The Temper Trap. While it’s been out for awhile, it’s still one that everyone sings all the words to when he plays it.

You guys, the next time he comes through Arizona you have got to ensure you don’t miss it. Hopefully Sunbar decides to bring him back another time so a lot more can experience this said “warehouse vibes!”

Bravo, Sunbar.

Bravo, Cristoph.

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