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In Review: Dabin @ Shady Park

Finally the time arrived for me to dust off my pashmina and pack up my to-go kleenex and immerse myself into the wonderful and talented “sadboi” artist Dabin.

Saturday, Dabin played a show at Shady park and definitely didn’t disappoint. When I got into Shady Park I was instantly greeted with the good vibes that Shady park has to offer. I sat back and enjoyed a cold one while listening to the opening artists. By the time It got to William black I got up and was ready to dance.

Photo By: Hannah Henrie

William black had an amazing set from the first song to the last. Personally, I can always tell when a set is good when you blink and the next second it’s over. There was a perfect balance of melodic and hard music so the crowd had time to get in their feels and then switch to headbanging.

By the time Dabin came on and the crowd was warmed up his visuals instantly captured the crowd and set the tone for him to start the show.

Photo By: Hannah Henrie

What I was completely astounded by is the amount of guys at the show singing lyrics word for word and hugging their bros. A couple times I found myself joining a group that linked themselves together to sway and then hug.

Just like William Black, Dabin did a fantastic job at really getting the crowd to feel and then pulling them right back out to dance and go hard.

Photo By: Hannah Henrie

Overall, I feel like Shady Park was the perfect venue for this show, it made it super personal and it felt homey. From start to finish I was in love with everything and this was a great production.

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