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In/Rotation Rotate Vol. 4 is a Bundle of the Best Songs You’ve Heard This Year

Article by: Thomas Taylor

The bounty of talent present on In/Rotation’s recently released compilation album Rotate Vol. 4 is absolutely bonkers. Rotate Vol. 4 includes: Hollaphonic, Needs No Sleep, MKJAY, Luke Andy, Arnold & Lane, Dances With White Girls, Wildfire, and more. The album is a ten track variety pack of house, g-house, progressive house, and deep house perfectly curated by the Insomniac Records Imprint.

The opening salvo of the album is an explosive future house blast of energy titled “Together” by the English duo Hollaphonic which sets the tempo magnificently. The riotous chorus, “I wanna spend some time together / I wanna spend some time with you” along with tight production values, elevate the song to a pure nirvana-like level.

The album builds to some glorious work by artists Arnold & Lane with the groovy “Faith & Family” song that has been on repeat for me since the album dropped. The themes of togetherness are prevalent throughout the release and are extra heavy in the maverick music here. The melody gets deep and delicious around three minutes and continues to deliver upon replay after replay.

Some other highlights from this fantastic volume include the extremely fun-to-sing “What’s The Move (w/ Dances With Girls)” by Joluca and Dances With Girls, but the stand out overall is definitely the last cut on the album titled “Circles” by Gibson Parker which has the Moon Lvnding crew vibing with its catchy vocal.

The entire album is worth a spin and should definitely be something you throw on repeat. Tweet at us and let us know what your favorite tune is from Rotate Vol. 4 and its incredible crew of savvy producers, and be sure to check out the previous Rotate Volumes.

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