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INFDL Delivers With Ethereal New Single “Translucent”

Article by: Christian Langston

INFDL is no stranger to great music. Coming off a stellar performance at Electric Hawk’s “Harmony” virtual festival, he is back again with a fresh auditory experience. “Translucent” is a unique track that needs attention immediately, begging to be enjoyed in both high and low energy atmospheres.

“Translucent” is everything we love about electronic music wrapped up into one beautiful package: deep basslines, hard-hitting drums, and lush harmonies abound. The track is a slow burn as it builds over a 5:34 playtime, consistently introducing new elements throughout. Characterized by the juxtaposition of beautiful melodies and gritty bases, the tune earns its title by existing in a space that absolutely sounds translucent.

INFDL does a tremendous job at representing who he is as an artist within “Translucent.” The multigenre influence is distinctive to the INFDL sound, as his other songs and sets reflect. His is a name to watch moving forward, as “Translucent” is only the beginning of what's to come.


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