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[INTERVIEW] ZIMINY Showcases New Alternative Track “Summer Nights”

Article By: Trevor Di Carlo

Retired from his wild days as a member of the renowned AWOLNATION, Dave Amezcua, now explores his own vision of music with his new solo project ZIMINY, having released two vocally charged and piano driven tracks so far this year “She (Zoey Deutch)," and “Turn on the Light.” Now joining the rush for this weeks #NewMusicFriday, ZIMINY comes out with the alternative electro-rock jam “Summer Nights,” the first single off his debut LP Love Language set to release August 21st.

The intro of “Summer Nights” fires out with a symphony of synthesizers and a slew of smooth piano and groovy guitar melodies, accompanying the riveting vocals of this smashin’ summertime single. Originally “Summer Nights” was part of a vast collection of demos collecting dust, but ZIMINY saw the true potential in the bright sound this track embodies and decided to produce it with the whole world. 

The Moon Landing team took the opportunity to speak to Dave about ZIMINY on this next episode of The Launch Pad. We touch base on this release, the direction of this new sound project, and deep dive into the plans for ZIMINY’s future. 


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