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James Grebb Drops Lavish New House Tune “Static Memory”

Article by: Christian Langston

One of the greatest benefits of the modern era is the ability for anyone to create and release music without restriction. This has given rise to some of the best music, and now James Grebb is here to continue the tradition of innovation with his unique Electro House style.

“Static Memory” is a tasteful combination of a groovy house beat with a heavy driving bassline and glitchy synths. Peppered with a gorgeous vocal, this track is sure to have something to give to any listener. The crumbling leadline in the drop is reminiscent of the early 2010s style of Complextro, while still having a modern freshness to it. James Grebb does a fantastic job at putting his own twist on a genre already loved by many.

“Static Memory” is a perfect example of what we love about electronic music. The energy, artistry, and sheer danceability allow for this song to be enjoyed in any environment. James Grebb is no stranger to creating fun and unique music, already having released three other songs this year. He has done it again with “Static Memory,” ensuring he is a name to watch moving forward.

Independent music is undoubtedly the future of music, especially in the electronic music industry, with artists such as James Grebb carrying the torch. His command over the technical aspects of his music is impressive, but so is his connection to the overall vibe. Watching his growth as an artist is an exciting thing to see, promising a bright future for him and our entire industry.

Listen to “Static Memory” and the rest of his discography below!

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