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Jantsen & Mersiv Let Loose On Their New Collaboration “Get Crazy”

Story By: Trevor Di Carlo

Wakaan, Liquid Stranger’s acclaimed record label, leads the way into a bass heavy new music friday. Among the elite producers under Wakaan’s roster, this week the spotlight focuses on Jantsen and Mersiv with the unveiling of their explosive collaborative track “Get Crazy.” 

Both producers have been very active within the last year. Jantsen displayed his heavy bass style and experimental sound in full force, kicking the new year off with “Blazin,” a funky and fiery track with help from Chime. Jantsen teamed up with Conrank to craft the groovy dubstep masterpiece “In The Dance,” and worked with TVBOO on the forceful, heavy-hitting banger “Got Dat.” 

Similarly, Mersiv worked tirelessly to advance his music project. His latest album, Digital Eden, is a phenomenal representation of his curated sound. The whole album encapsulates his unique extraterrestrial spin on bass music. Venturing forward, Mersiv combined forces with Laika Beats and Knat Turner to produce the NKOTB EP. Meshing their unique styles together, the trio created a heavily distorted, riddim infused dance floor ready release. Recently, Mersiv recruited Chill Bobby to generate the grimey trap-bass single “Beautiful & Filthy,” and on his freshest release, Mersiv conspired with Conrank to deliver the robotically robust slapper “NO!”

Finally, Jantsen and Mersiv combine their formidable styles to design “Get Crazy,” a fearless display of dubstep, trap, and bass in perfect harmony. The screaming sirens and distorted synths symbiotically intertwine to dominate the intro of the track, shedding light to the true strength that is to come.

The drop itself is a masterpiece - light years away from traditional bass music. The Wakaan duo utilize a vast array of custom sounds and instruments to develop an exclusive sounding drop. Layers of pulsating horns, wailing bass riffs, and otherworldly warped dubstep resonance establish an effective and uniquely sounding chorus. Overall, the collaboration displays unrelenting raw power and expert craftsmanship, surely inducing fans to “Get Crazy!” 

Wakaan definitely strikes gold with this classy collaboration from the bass geniuses Jantsen and Mersiv. Hopefully this track improves the moods for all those who were affected by the recent cancelation of this year's edition of Wakaan Fest, by delivering a beacon of hope and surge of anticipation for the esteemed festival’s return in 2021.

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