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Jason Leech and MOONZz Drop Haunting New Single “Derealization”

Article by: Christian Langston

You may recognize Jason Leech from his viral remixes and keyboard flips of some of Dance Music’s biggest artists, but this time he brings us his first original of the new year. “Derealization” is an ominous yet sanguine track, featuring the pristine vocals of MOONZz.

“Derealization” opens with Leech’s signature piano, reminiscent of some dark Jazz Noir stylings such as Chet Baker and Dexter Gordon, with an added modern swagger. MOONZz’s vocals come as the opening instrumental is stripped away, leaving her plenty of room to bring forth the message of the song. The track builds its energy quickly before dropping into a deluge of smooth chords and deep grooves. The second verse comes even more minimal than the first, allowing for the tension to build longer into the climax of the track. The second drop comes hard with deep basses and synths, beautifully juxtaposing the jazzy arrangement prior.

“Derealization” is as much about the lyrical message as the vogue instrumental. The words that MOONZz sings add an entirely new dimension to the track, leading the audience on a journey with the artists. Jason Leech was kind enough to give his insight into the lyrical context of his new track:

“Derealization is a song about opening a door to a new reality, and not being able to shut it. The fact that the mind can go too far down the rabbit hole, and get stuck in Wonderland, always scared me. I wanted to make a track that had the feeling of wonder & novelty, but with dark overtones. It all came together when MOONZz offered to lay down her vocals on the song. She really captured the ominous feel I was going for, and was a pleasure to collaborate with. The ‘you’ that she sings about in the lyrics personify the new reality that's presented itself.”

Jason Leech has long brought his own uniqueness to the world of Dance Music, which is something our scene desperately needs. “Derealization” is a beautiful marriage between the classical and the modern; boasting ruminative theory and composition, as well as creative sound design. With musical chops like this, you can certainly expect to see more of Jason Leech in the coming year and beyond. Be sure to listen to “Derealization” in its entirety and keep up with what he has next using the links below!

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Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok


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