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Jizzy Fra Slings Distorted Beats on Debut Wakaan EP ‘Busted Hard Drive’

Article by: Ryan Hood

Few genres mix as well as bass music and hip-hop. For his debut Wakaan EP, Jizzy Fra gives listeners the best of both worlds, as he punctuates signature hip-hop beats with low-frequency bass and out-of-this-world FX and fills.

The eponymous lead track perfectly encapsulates everything great about the EP and the Jizzy Fra project. The beat is extremely clean as glitchy, distorted FX dance around the beat, almost transporting the listener into a cybernetic universe. “LUNA” offers similar elements but instead starts out as a staticky, old-timey style beat before the lead melody takes over.

“Kalimba Type Beat” and “mighty morphin” both opt for a more chilled-out version of glitch-hop, featuring more acoustic instrumentation. These songs are the perfect complement to the previous two tracks.

“No Signal” is one of my favorite tunes from the EP, as Jizzy Fra unleashes some of his most sinister sounds. It's dominated by the bassline and simple-yet-punishing percussion pattern. “Reflections” couples a steady beat with airy, melodic synths to create a more somber and reflective feeling.

This EP is a fantastic display of Jizzy Fra’s sound design and beat making prowess. We cannot wait to see what’s next for him heading into 2022!

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