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Jkyl & Hyde, Shiverz Team Up for Heavy Bass Anthem “Shell Tha Place”

Article by: Tanner Thompson

Jkyl & Hyde and Shiverz have shaken dance music stages for years now, consistently bringing their own fresh tracks and sick doubles. But the two dubstep heavyweights teamed up for their latest release, “Shell Tha Place,” out now on Bassrush Records.

In past shows, Jkyl & Hyde and Shiverz have gone back to back, and each always brought enormous heat. “Shell Tha Place,” with heavy-hitting dubstep synths and bone-crushing screeches, makes the listener want to run for cover. The track opens with tough lyrics that set the tone for a heavy tune. The drop hits with sharp bass synths layered with deep percussions. “Shell Tha Place” slaps from start to finish and is nothing short of a dubstep masterpiece.

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