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KAIVON’s New Sonic Safehaven “Sanctuary”

Story By: Trevor Di Carlo

KAIVON is making waves in the dance music scene this year with his illustrious sound, as he unveils his new melodic masterpiece, “Sanctuary.”  It has the making of another hit, similar to the hot new music KAIVON has put out earlier this year, including tracks “Don't Leave Me,” “We Don’t Give A F**k,” and “New Beginnings.” He has also starred on the Hard Summer and Dreamworld virtual livestreams, and KAIVON’s track “First Breath” was selected for one of Starbucks’ new commercials. 

“Sanctuary” features electrifyingly vibrant vocals from Sarah De Warren. The track builds on itself one layer at a time, incorporating soft basslines, harmonic synthesizers, and angelic sirens to create a powerful and dynamic listening experience. This track touches on the theme of having a supportive figure when the world seems to be falling apart and the light at the end of the tunnel is lost. This track calls listeners to focus on the person that has been there for them, through thick and thin, providing a much needed “sanctuary” when sorrow and anger dominate one’s consciousness. 

“Sanctuary” serves to further advance KAIVON’s dynamic production. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and ears open for what KAIVON has going on behind the scenes, because at this rate we're sure to hear more moving music from this wholehearted producer. Courageously, KAIVON has been utilizing his platform to stand up for the Black Lives Matter movement, focusing on fighting the treacherous social injustices that have plagued society for too long, and as one can see, his mind and his heart are both in the right place.


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