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KAIVON Unveils His Next Chapter - “Don’t Leave Me”

Story by: Trevor Di Carlo

A major part of being human is deciphering where one fits in the world. And for the Californian artist KAIVON, that place lies in truth and vulnerability, as he has dedicated his musical career to produce original songs showing his authentic self to the world. In his newest single “Don’t Leave Me,” KAIVON continues the story of rediscovering oneself.

Part of the beauty of human life is the ability to evolve; every day people have the opportunity to use their accumulated knowledge and experiences to reevaluate where they are in life. KAIVON is determined to share his personal story to inspire others with the feelings expressed through the common language of music.

KAIVON embarks on the next chapter of his story with the single “Don’t Leave Me.” In trying times like these, this melodic track fittingly exposes the angst of losing someone special, like a family member, best friend, or lover. The sinfonietta of the build up establishes immense vulnerability, the feeling that one was about to lose someone close. Going into the drop, thundering abstract synths sound off in bursts of succession, exploding with emotion. Overall, the track is methodically constructed, much like an author would write a book.

To get a better understanding of this most recent release, one can turn back to the first chapter of his story, titled “Reborn,” which is KAIVON’s premier single, released back in 2016. KAIVON takes his listeners on an emotional rollercoaster through the thrilling ups and downs of life by making music to get in touch with their feelings. He exemplifies this new beginning by describing the feelings of his first “Heartbeat” and his “First Breath.” With the goal to inspire others to find their own true selves through rebirth, KAVION continues to craft music imbued with inspiration and introspection, each new single unraveling chapters of rebirth.

Progressing through the chapters of his musical story, KAIVON shares his perspective on the sensuality of beingAwake” and “Alive.” And in his own authentic way, KAIVON contemplates the vulnerability of life and love with releases like “Can’t Keep Loving,” “Hear Your Heart,” and “I Love You.” In an Insomniac piece, KAIVON shares, “I want to make music that inspires people to be the true version of themselves. That makes people feel feelings they have never felt before.”

Staying true to his vision, KAIVON’s most recently published chapter “We Don’t Give A Fuck” is an aggressive track, brimming with assertive energy towards the person he's worked so hard to become. Reminding his fans that he doesn’t care about the negatives in life, he aims to give listeners the confidence they need to believe in themselves.

Turning the attention back to “Don’t Leave Me,” it is truly a well-written story, told not with words alone, but highlighted and accentuated with music. The takeaway from this track is the importance of showing someone how they are cared for and to convince them not to leave forever. This elaborate masterpiece is another excellent addition to KAIVON’s inspiring story of honest self-reflection and musical production. Once again KAIVON has succeeded in connecting to people who are contemplating their path in life, and hopefully providing education and motivation to help them embark on a rebirth of their own.

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