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KAMI and Colin Hennerz “Level Up” with New Festival Banger

Article by: Jessica Duncan

American hard dance trio KAMI has been on a roll in 2022. They are fresh off playing the Wasteland stage at EDC Las Vegas and will be playing at Project Z in July. They have already dropped a few singles this year including “Party Hard,” “DMN8,” and “Be My Lover 2k22,” which I previously covered. This time they’ve teamed up with Colin Hennerz, a rising Melbourne producer with a mullet, for their latest track “Level Up.”


KAMI is known for putting the hard in hard dance, but they’ve switched it up with “Level Up” and leaned into happy hardcore and reverse bass styles. KAMI said, “We want to dive deeper into bringing euphoric melodies into our tracks moving forward, while of course always experimenting with high octane kicks for the drops.”

It is a very fun and energetic song that starts off with a catchy “la la la” before the reverse bass and kick come in. This gives way to a booming techno-style kick followed up instantly with distorted piep kicks. The middle of the song really embodies the happy hardcore sound, reminiscent of S3RL. The final drop is more of what we’ve come to expect from KAMI, with even more rawstyle distorted kicks and synth stabs.

Colin Hennerz

Both KAMI’s and Colin Hennerz’s sounds mesh well throughout the track. According to Hennerz, “It was so fun blending our signature sounds into one track! With my bright and powerful euphoric leads and KAMI’s insane distorted kicks, together we created a huge summer anthem, and I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve done! It’s time to LEVEL UP!” KAMI played this song during their set at EDC Las Vegas and the crowd had a blast dancing to it.

Stream “Level Up” and check out everything else KAMI and Colin Hennerz have going on using the links below. Follow Moon Lnvding’s New Music Heat Friday playlist on Spotify to listen to the other hard dance tracks that dropped this week.


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