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Kami Kick 90’s Classic “Be My Lover” into High Gear with Hard Dance Remix

Article by: Jessica Duncan

Almost everyone has heard the 90’s dance classic “Be My Lover” by La Bouche at some point, but probably have never heard it the way American hard dance trio KAMI have reimagined it. KAMI has previously covered the full spectrum of hard dance from rawstyle to hard techno, and their remix of “Be My Lover” branches into the speed house realm with elements of rawstyle thrown in.

KAMI’s take brings more fun and energy than the original. From the jump, the bpm has been sped up into the 155-160 range. They’ve also added some trance-inspired synth toplines that give the track the lighter feel usually associated with euphoric hardstyle. The drop incorporates a hard-hitting kick as well as rawstyle distorted peip kicks.

According to Alex, “BML2K22 is the beginning of a new era of KAMI music and our Hard Dance sound. The whole goal around the track was to make it fun, energetic, and give hard dance fans a classic track to sing along to, while also kick rolling and busting out a few cheeky hakks during the kick switches.”

KAMI does a great job of adapting a dance classic to a new genre while still maintaining the key parts and catchiness of the original. Stream “Be My Lover” and keep up with everything KAMI has going on using the links below.


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