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KAMI See Right Through You With Latest Release “ISRTTY”

Article by: Jessica Duncan

If you haven’t heard about American hard dance trio KAMI yet, you definitely will this year. They are coming off the biggest year of their careers thus far with eight releases in 2022 and performances at EDC Las Vegas and Project Z. They have just been announced for Basscon’s two-day Hard Dance festival, Wasteland, next month. So today, KAMI kick off the year with “ISRTTY” (I See Right Through To You), out now on Identity Records.

KAMI have shown that they can tackle every genre from rawstyle to hard techno, and with “ISRTTY” they take on hard trance. The kick they chose to open with is less aggressive than what they usually use, but it still packs a punch. The ethereal background synths and incredible vocals by Diandra Faye, who has previously provided vocals for tracks by Sound Rush and Sub Zero Project, create that uplifting trance feeling. There is even a bit of a trap breakdown that makes the listener feel like this might be a totally different direction for KAMI.

However, that feeling quickly gives way to the distorted rawstyle basslines and kicks KAMI are known for. Once everything combines in the second half of the track, it finishes off in a euphoric hardstyle way. “ISRTTY” flexes all of KAMI’s musical muscles and shows they can command whatever genre they want to try.

Stream “ISRTTY” and check out everything else KAMI have going on using the links below. Follow Moon Lnvding’s New Music Heat Friday playlist on Spotify to listen to the other hard dance tracks that dropped this week.


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