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Kaskade Continues EP Series with Redux 004

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Renowned music producer Kaskade dropped the third edition of his Redux EP series last year, consisting of a whopping 18 tracks, and supported it by touring 14 cities around the US. Sensing the success of Redux 003, the progressive house innovator decided to release Redux 003 Deluxe, adding another five tracks. But his fans still hungered for more, so Kaskade went to work producing Redux 004, and finally the wait for the 4th EP is over.

The first song of the four-track EP is "Love Like That." This track starts the EP slowly with an instrumental piano melody and a downtempo beat. Soft vocals from Dani Poppit set the tone for the song, depicting the desire of finding one true love. Kaskade turns up the tempo on the next track with the club anthem "Sexy." Featuring faster and harder hitting bass with slapping high hats, this track calls for you to dance with emotion and embrace your inner beauty.

On the third song, "Find Love," Kaskade dives back into instrumentals, including undertones of symphonic brass while embedding a more upbeat downtempo baseline. Last up on the EP, "Feel It" proves to be an intricate conclusion, blending all the elemental aspects of the three previous tracks while still feeling unique. Low notes of the electric strings provide a groovy baseline along with a subtle layer of synths for a more abstract sounding song.

Kaskade announced a limited tributary tour dedicated to Redux 004, consisting of four dates set to take place in Miami, San Diego, Santa Fe, and New York City. Due to the developing COVID-19 crisis, three of the dates have been postponed to later in the year, but those lucky enough with tickets to Miami were able to witness the first stop at Club Space on March 5th. The Redux 004 show was one of the venue’s last before it closed their doors, making this show a remarkable performance.

For the rest of us unable to make it to Miami, Kaskade made a special appearance on the Digital Mirage live-stream. Brought to you by Proximity and Brownies & Lemonade, the stream collected over $300,000 for the charity Sweet Relief, which raises money and awareness for people in the music industry struggling to make ends meet due to COVID-19 related issues.

Kaskade opened the virtual music festival with a 60-minute set on Friday, April 3rd, playing tracks off the newest EP, as well as other bangers he's produced over the years. And Kaskade continues to provide for his fans, streaming more events and uploading them to his Twitch channel, sharing his feel-good music to help everyone get in a better mood while stuck at home.

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