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Kerys Goes Deep on New EP: INNER DEPTHS

Article by: Morgan Gallaher

This new EP by Kerys is both melodical and emotional. The two-song EP takes listeners on a musical journey and brings forth the realization that sometimes, music speaks louder than words.

Inner Depths is her fifth release of the year, and Kerys continues to show her deep and dark side to drum and bass, which is just beautiful. Learning about her inspiration to make these tracks makes it even more exciting and impactful to listen to. As Kerys explains in an interview with Bridger Larsen from Nova Lotus, “I needed to transcribe all these deep and dark emotions I felt after being diagnosed with mental illness.”

The first song on the EP brings you into the world of Kerys, with the mid tempo drum and bass being eased into the drop. Part one shows the darkness that can crowd one's mind, but in a way that has its own beauty. The song hits hard and heavy, but also leaves room to breathe.

After part one of the EP ends, the second track starts to ramp up. From here, we hear sirens going off like a warning for the nasty drop to follow. Part two has more dubstep feel to it, as chaos roars through its progression. The robotic noises add to the surreal but alluring soundscape Kerys produces. It feels like an extension of the first song, as the listener descends deeper into the depths of the mind of Kerys. This EP does not disappoint and the meaning behind it makes it even better.

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