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KLOUD Unleashes Night Mode Debut "Disconnect"

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

KLOUD quickly emerged to become one of the more exciting projects to surfaced from the electronic music realm in recent times. KLOUD shrouds his project in mystery, which reinforces his enigmatic personality and enthralling energy. KLOUD akes control to wrap up Night Mode's immensely successful second season with his label debut, "Disconnect."

KLOUD opens out his new electro-fueled track with emotional vocals and layers of intricate synth work, guiding the flow of the overall listening experience. KLOUD shares the meaning of the track which relates to "disconnecting or freeing yourself from anything that is toxic in your life, be it a relationship, friendship, or vice." Employing his production prowess, KLOUD helps listeners understand the true power of letting go.

Be sure to give "Disconnect" a listen and follow KLOUD to keep up with current projects, as there is sure to be a follow up to his recent breakout performance on Insomniac's BackHARD Summer BBQ Virtual Rave-A-Thon.


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