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KRISCHVN and NXSTY Release Their Long Awaited Collab “Ketamine” on Wakaan

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Coming through for Wakaan’s first release of 2021. rising talent KRISCHVN teamed up with NXSTY on their infectiously wubby new listening experience “Ketamine.” The song itself has been in the works for 2 years, and it’s release signifies a change for KRISCHVN as he explores a new direction for his sound project.

“Ketamine” drives into a multitude of different sound elements ranging from the subtle pan flute all the way to those ear piercing synth pops. “Ketamine” definitely lands on the weirder side of the electronic music spectrum, but still a bop nonetheless. This banger is definitely perfect for those looking for something out of the ordinary on those horsing around type nights.

After nearly 2 years of sitting on this record, I thought it was time to move on passed the BAKED series and go on to on of my favorite records I ever made It may be taken out of context, but I never meant to make music with titles that were inspired by drug paraphanalia. It just so happened to be the case. KETAMINE will be the first single to my next EP titled ‘TRANQUILIZER’ which will feature many other amazing song titles. I hope you enjoy this mind bending song and don’t get lost in a hole. Here is to horsing around in 2021!” - KRISCHVN

Keep up with KRISCHVN and NXSTY using the links below. Let us know what you guys think of “Ketamine,” hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did.


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Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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