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Krxnik and Lizzy Jane "Push" Ahead

Article by: Sam Wolloch

New York City DJ and bass music producer Krxnik (pronounced krah-nik, like the Dr. Dre album) teamed up with the Tampa, Florida dubstep starlet Lizzy Jane for their fresh new release, “Push.” The wonky bass track is another notable release for Obskure, a growing music label co-founded by Krxnik, Manamiz, and GvO in 2019, with the mission:

“Be different, embrace unique.”

Remarkably, this isn’t the first time Krxnik and Lizzy Jane have worked together. After playing a Halloween show in Brooklyn last year, Lizzy Jane went back to the Obskure studio and got to witness Krxnik’s impressive discography first hand. Lizzy Jane decided to feature Krxnik on the 40th volume of The XO, her guest mix series dedicated to the up and coming sounds of the electronic dance music world, and Krxnik’s half hour set remains a standout selection.

Today’s new release, “Push,” begins with soothing sounds off in the distance, as Lizzy Jane’s vocal chant “push right through me” builds with intensity and strength. The drop is heavy, with deep wubs and fuzzy synths, showing the scope of their dubstep production prowess. The second drop halfway through is more upbeat, with a livelier and brighter backbeat. It goes to show with a little push, a little perseverance, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“Push” is a great example of big things to come for both of these talented artists, as well as growing the reputation of the music label Obskure. Both producers have been hard at work making new music, playing live stream sets, and advancing their production pursuits. With live drive-in shows slowly making their way back into the scene, we should be hearing more from them in the near future.

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