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KUU Brings Electric Twist to Dua Lipa & DaBaby's "Levitating"

Article by: Vassili Makavos

English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa has brilliantly held to her standard of taking her listeners on a “kaleidoscopic rocket fueled journey.” Along with DaBaby she brilliantly executes this number, and KUU’s tantalizing remix does the Grammy award winning artist complete justice.

Using her electrifying lyricism and intergalactic charms, “Levitating” begins as an interstellar synth string pad and lays down a groovy chord progression. Suddenly, we are whimsically caught up with sparkling sound effects as we hear her seductive voice say “I’m levitating.” Truth be told, how could you not with a remix as sexy as this one!

As she entices her listeners to run away with her to a galaxy and be taken for the ride of a lifetime, you’ll hear the smooth fade-in of crisp and delicate glitch inspired sounds foreshadowing the groovy beat that is to come. Her first use of the chorus brilliantly transitions into the full on groove of rhythm and sensual basslines that propel both her and DaBaby as they intertwine their passion on their starlit journey. DaBaby smoothly echos back to her through “the moon and stars.”

As the arpeggiated bassline drops, we are accompanied by a rhythmic hybridization of something between a downtempo chillout and deep house beat. To say that this groove has the funk would be an understatement. The glitch tones make their way back just as we hear the lyrics “I believe that you're for me, I feel it in our energy I see it written in the stars.”

KUU successfully parallels and amplifies her lyrics with their mixing and underlying energetically propulsion-fused beats and tones. At the bridge we hear the return of the string pad and seductive chord progression fueling her enticing voice as she sings “you want me, I want you, baby, my sugarboo, I'm levitating, the Milky Way is liberating, yeah, yeah, yeah” as a percussive build up leads into a full blast off through the second statement of the chorus with all the brilliance going full force.

As poetically captivating all the beautifully desiring lyrics are, it is safe to say that the overall message can be summed up within the lyrics of the chorus, “I got you, moonlight, you're my starlight, I need you all night, come on, dance with me.” When I listen to her voice as she sings, all I want to do is run away to that galaxy with her and dance all night long into an oblivion of love. I was once educated on the philosophy and concept behind edm when I was in college. PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. This song is not only a “feel-good” song, it elevates the listeners desires to feel, share, and experience the PLUR we all seek and desire.

What makes this track so unique is all the collaborative efforts that came together to make one final work of art. KUU certainly meets the expectations of what it means to make a remix as Dua Lipa entrances us with her soothing voice with DaBaby by her side in a sexy interstellar drive through space.

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