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Kyle Watson Drops “Mammoth” Single from New EP ‘The Core’ [Premiere]

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

The South African house artist Kyle Watson is set to take us to “The Core'' with his newest EP release through Box of Cats on April 30. Watson is well known for creating some of the most unique sounds throughout all of the house music genre. He curates another masterpiece with his exquisite knowledge of drums, and layers them upon some of the most idiosyncratic sounds imaginable. Moon Lvnding is proud to bring you the premiere of “Mammoth,” the first song off of Kyle Watson’s EP “The Core.”

You’ll want to prepare yourself for this song, because Kyle Watson deploys heavy beats upon us within his sample-based track. Right from the start, “Mammoth” instantly grabs your attention with catchy drum kicks, hi-hats, and claps at the beginning. He teases the bassline 15 seconds into the song, then frequently speeds up the intervals of implementing the bassline until the buildup. Once the buildup hits, the song starts to take shape. When Watson emplaces the drop and “Mammoth” engulfs you in its heavy bass, it will make you want to get up and dance to its rhythmic bouncy feel.

Kyle Watson is definitely an artist to look out for as festivals and events start to come back, especially with his remarkable ability to create justifiably unique sounds. Be sure to check out the rest of Watson’s EP “The Core” and give it a stream on Box of Cats SoundCloud. Don’t hesitate to give Kyle Watson a follow on his social media and take a gander at his other works with the links below!

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