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matphilly Releases Innovative Album on Nightenjin

Article by: Erivera Reyes

Matphilly is no stranger to the bass music genre, bursting onto the scene with his debut single released on Play Me Records. He continued with songs on Panda Funk, Nightenjin, and various other labels all while touring, when able, over the last couple of years.

Now matphilly is shedding his old skin and showing vulnerability with his latest full-length album, "i may be through with the past, but the past is not through with me." The concept album is based on his struggles with the death of his brother and close friend, the tragic murder of his ex-girlfriend in 2007, his struggles with mental health and substance abuse, a failed suicide attempt, and finally cleaning up his act to improve his life.

This twelve-track effort is packed with awesomeness: great bass music tunes ready to slap at the club; poignant skits and interludes (one song has a sample of his brother on it); collaborations with artists laureniti (“just monika”), Vadim Taver of Poison the Well, and Aaron Marsh of Copeland; and some stripped-down musical ensemble electronica tunes that will put you in your feels. The album takes you on quite the journey, which matphilly claims was his way of trying to “take some of the weight off my shoulders.” He did an amazing job with this album.

You’ve got to love it when an artist can express themselves freely and show themselves in a way that you don’t often get to see, and thankfully matphilly did not hold back. Be sure to listen to the album, out now through Nightenjin on all streaming platforms, and look for matphilly on the road this fall in a city near you.

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