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Lamorn Drops a Dynamic Duo with Latest Mau5trap Release

By: Kate Nelson

A teenage producer with mad talent, Lamorn is on fire with his second Mau5trap release this year. The double feature, tracks “Lonely Light” and “Ping,” showcase sound artistry beyond the young producer’s years.

Echoes of classic Deadmau5 sounds wave through the intro of first track “Lonely Light.” Gorgeous piano quietly bursts into a moving build of digital sounds, marked with Molly Otto’s reverberating vocals. The track creates a conundrum for the listener -- an excellent melodic dance rhythm tangles itself with contemplative lyrics, inspiring a wistful mood while still creating the irresistible need to move to the beat. To create such conflict that somehow doesn’t feel like a conflict at all is a masterwork, and Lamorn’s careful crafting shines.

The second track, “Ping,” switches it up with more upbeat vibes, but maintains Lamorn’s synthy sound that leaves good feelings and great energy. Distorted vocals collaborate with a swaying guitar melody played by the artist himself; think Capital Cities meets Mau5trap. It’s an easy listen in the best way possible, the grooviest of electro sounds flowing effortlessly from beginning to end. “Ping” is a lighthearted chaser to the prior track’s profundity, with a replay value to be reckoned with.

Lamorn leaves nothing to guesswork with this release. The talent is undeniable and the sound is incredible. At only 18, the young prodigy has garnered recognition from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Rolling Stone, Billboard, and obviously Deadmau5. In fact, the head honcho Goat Lord personally requested stems from Lamorn after he sent a track to the label. Shortly after, Lamorn was making an official remix of “Bridged by a Lightwave” and garnered the title of official protégé from Deadmau5 himself.

Be sure to check out more from Lamorn using the links below, and expect to listen to “Lonely Light” or “Ping” on this week’s upcoming edition of the Moon Lvnding New Music Friday Heat playlist.

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