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Lastlings Follow Their Debut Album with Acoustic Selections From First Contact

Article by: Christian Langston

Lastlings, composed of sibling duo Josh and Amy Dowdle, released their freshman album, First Contact, back in November. After gleaming reviews, they’re back with four of those songs reimagined: “Deja Vu,” “Take My Hand,” “Out Of Touch,” and “No Time.”

The etheric soundscapes of First Contact lend themselves nicely to acoustic presentation. With Amy’s distinctive vocals taking the lead, her accompaniment on keys and Josh on guitar reveal much of the emotional rawness of these songs. By peeling back the layers of production, Lastlings shines a spotlight on their incredible songwriting. These four renditions can stand alone as incredible pieces of music, but also allow for a new appreciation of the original album.

Lastlings kicked off the year with a feature on SG Lewis’ track, “All We Have,” off his recent full length effort, times, and followed up with the honor of remixing Bob Moses’ “The Blame” as part of their Blame LP. Keep up with the duo’s meteoric rise via the links below.

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