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Leap Into the Trigem & Wreckno Soundscape “Soundfolk”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo 

Flocking from the murky swamps of Louisiana to the nest of Electric Hawk Records, Trigem teams up with queer icon, bass music producer and rapper, Wreckno, to produce a collaborative composition of groovy experimental wubs titled “Soundfolk.” 

Both artists are having a jam packed year, putting out some serious new tunes. Trigem already released his wonky bass EP, Calcasieu, and an assortment of new gems like "SPLOOSH,” Sinners,” “Evaluation,” and “Understand.” Taking a look at Wreckno’s impressive discography, the rising star has released two fully loaded EPs, as well as “Hypernatural” featuring lyrics from Super Future, and his pride month release “ROYGBIV” featuring NotLö, Gardella, Koko Villa, MAD Pritch, and Ruku. Not stopping there, Wreckno teamed up with the king of funk, GRiZ, to produce their queer anthem “Medusa.” 

Today's single, “Soundfolk,” opens up with a mellow melody enriched with Wreckno’s lovely vocals, which lead the way into a chorus of thumping bass and ricocheting riffs. Packed full of energy and layered with sensational sounds, “Soundfolk” really proves to be a weirdly groovy gem that’s perfect for anyone looking for an alternative listening experience in the realm of bass music. Make sure to give “Soundfolk” a listen and go follow Trigem and Wreckno to stay up to date on their current projects. 

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