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Lil Texas and Nitti Gritti Say Howdy Y’all with “Rawhide”

Article by: Kate Nelson

Hold on to your cowboy hats and grab your dancing partners, because Lil Texas and Nitti Gritti just dropped the rootinest, tootinest, and hardest track in the wild, wild west with "Rawhide.”

A rousing country guitar riff gets the hoedown going, but it’s the “Yee Haw” sample that really kicks “Rawhide” into a true barn storm through the buildup. The first drop goes from square dance to hardstyle, with Lil Texas’s signature high speed Texcore sound. After a country breakdown offers a brief respite, the multi-genre sensation Nitti Gritti gets into action to show you how country music goes trap in the second drop. The track clocks in at less than three minutes long, but it’ll stay living in your head long after the cows come home.

Nitti Gritti and Lil Texas have shared great social media banter over the last year and this unique track really brings their two dance music styles together in a surprising successful way. The duo dropped a teaser for their collab “Rawhide” on Wednesday, September 17 just two days before the release, and it perfectly sums up the personality of the song, as well as the DJs themselves.

“Rawhide” will always have a sentimental place in the heart of any Arizona raver, and for the rest of y’all, the cowboys themselves warn, “if you listen to Rawhide, be ready for the ride.” 200 beats per minute will have you riding off into the sunset, guns blazing, ready to take on the fastest gunslinger this side of the Mississippi, so be sure to be safe and wear those masks.

Of course, fresh every Friday, you can hear all the choice new tracks on Moon Lvnding’s Spotify playlist: New Music Friday Heat. Plus catch Nitti Gritti performing this heater during his livestream set on InsomniacTV’s Nocturnal Wonderland Rave-A-Thon later tonight starting at 8:45pm PST.

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