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LNY TNZ & NYANDA Brighten Your Day with "Light Up Your Life"

Article by: Vassili Makavos

Light Up Your Life” is the latest anthem to come out of the hard dance scene by artist LNY TNZ in collaboration with Jamaican singer-songwriter Nyanda. The song begins with a faint fade into upbeat piano accompanied by tender vocals. LNY TNZ leads into the sweet melody encouraging the listener to remember they are not alone, even when the world feels like it’s “caving in on you.” Eventually these words lead to the underlying message: there is someone who is always there to light up your life, no matter how dark things may seem to get.

As the opening develops, the lyrics lead into the hook “light up your life,” and vocal harmonies overlap and segue into an intense build up with a hard synth groove which builds the anticipation. Hearing the second statement of the hook to this track leaves one feeling the drop of the hard beat and driving energy. This takes the listener to the second verse, which I find most intimate. The lyrics soothe the listener with hope and light for the future whether they realize it or not. LNY TNZ’s piano and percussive beats accompany the enduring message and melody of the vocals, and the hard synth makes a reappearance to guide the listener into the conclusion.

Given the recent circumstances of the world and society due to the pandemic, any anthem with a driving beat and an uplifting message like “Light Up Your Life” can only bring a positive burst of energy into one’s day. If anything, this kind of song is what to hope for in the days to come - supporting those around us and lighting up one another’s lives. The days of festivals and events of all shapes and sizes are coming back slowly and steadily. It is only a matter of time before these pandemic conditions cave in and get overcome by the light we all have to offer this world.

If you enjoy a good euphoric anthem, be sure to add this to your playlist or go find it on the Moon Lvnding New Music Friday Heat playlist along with dozens more new bops. Boost your day by blasting this in the car on the way to work or while rocking out with friends. Both of these highly talented artists come together bringing the best of their worlds, to create an original listening experience. To hear more from these creative artists, be sure to check them out using the links below.


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Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Spotify | Apple Music | Beatport | SoundCloud | YouTube

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