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LSDREAM and INZO Collab on an Epic Psychedelic "BLASTA"

Article by: Annalee ‘Alee’ Noel

Wrapping up an exciting three-month run on his PEACE, LOVE & WUBZ Tour, LSDREAM collaborates on a track for the first time with tour-mate INZO, making the psychedelic bass banger “BLASTA.” LSDREAM just played Forbidden Kingdom this past weekend and INZO played day one at Ubbi Dubbi in Texas, both in addition to their packed tour schedule.

“BLASTA” is an amazing work of art, in spite of their breakneck schedules these past few months. The product of LSDREAM, a brilliant visionary and bass leviathan, working with INZO, an insanely talented synth-bender who dabbles in quite a few genres, is nothing short of perfection. Arriving on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label, prepare to be wrapped in their psychedelic bass and auditory landscape that will “BLASTA” you out of this world.

The sonic palette LSDREAM and INZO use has something tasty for every listener. Similar to a mix of Griz’s “Vibe Check” and Elderbass’ “Paint Drippin,” “BLASTA” blazes past in a lane of its own, showcasing LSDREAM and INZO’s mastery of blending their artistic visions. There’s wonky, wubby, groovy, retro guitar, quirky vocal chops, glitches, lush sparkles, light sirens, stunning atmospheric synths, and even a Sullivan King-esque scream before one arrives at the final drop. It is amazing the broad range of sounds that LSDREAM and INZO deliver.

The distorted, highly-variated basslines and throwback drums keep the entire track grooving while never losing the beat. The psychedelic funk builds in sound and complexity through the track. Glitches and full-spectrum risers are deftly tucked in between wonky grooves, broken up with snappy vocal bits and phrases. The first drop is ushered in with lively little riser chirps. With each element, whether it be reverbed-out rim hits, big wobbles, glitches, or even a flurry of video game gunfire, the ear candy just keeps coming. The mid-track is ushered in by a dominating riser/build combo, “you ain’t had fun like this before!” and the brilliant production hits hard. The track takes many turns as it twists beautifully over four minutes.

The blend of creativity LSDREAM and INZO encapsulate in "BLASTA" is captivating and should appeal to a wide range of EDM fans who enjoy funk, wonky bass, and colorbass. One could put this track nearly anywhere in a DJ set and it would stand completely on its own as a sonically pleasing gem. Head-bobbing in the first half and headbanging during the second drop, fans are going to have a great time when this one plays out live, potentially as soon as next week during Liquid Stranger’s set at EDC Las Vegas.

The best news is a collaborative EP is in the works from this tandem! But can one catch “BLASTA” live? LSDREAM’s upcoming performances include Lighting in a Bottle the week after EDC, Electric Forest in Michigan in June, and HARD Summer in Southern California. INZO can be seen at Sunset Music Festival in Tampa over Memorial Day Weekend and features at the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater come September with the duo Big Gigantic. To keep up to date on all the latest from LSDREAM and INZO, use the links below.


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Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok


Spotify | Apple Music | Beatport | SoundCloud | YouTube

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