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Lucii and Sam Lamar Produce Melodic Dubstep Masterpiece “You”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Lucii The Alien has rapidly risen to stardom, building a heavyweight reputation for herself in the electronic music community and possessing impressive skills both on stage and in studio. This digital vixen is now a cornerstone producer on WAKAAN’s loaded roster. For her latest project, Lucii teamed up with rising artist Sam Lamar to build the new melodic dubstep sound experience “You.”

Lucii has placed her beautiful voice at the forefront of her impressive discography in recent times, as well as establishing herself as a producer of psychedelic bass. Coming out with kaleidoscopic compositions like “Me and You” featuring Champagne Drip and “I Need Your High” featuring DirtySnatcha, Lucii showcases her limitless portal of imagination through her extraterrestrial sound design, spitfire drops, and down-to-earth charisma.

Sam Lamar has also been busy in the studio recently, with hard-hitting sound design and innovative genre blending on his releases Major Arcana: Origins and “The Prediction.” His work has garnered support from iconic producers like Excision, Porter Robinson, and Knife Party, and this collaboration with Lucii will certainly advance his reputation.

“You” opens up with Lucii’s smooth melodic vocals accentuated with a sleek drumline, paving the way for unrelenting production power from the heavyweight duo in an energized chorus. The track is jam packed with robotic synthesizers and grimey dubby bass, inviting headbangers to break their necks. “You” focuses on the theme of two girls falling in love, just as Lucii gets more serious with her significant other, better known to us as the multidimensional producer Rezz.

Lucii already has jumped on the wave of the future, playing her first drive-in event in North Carolina, following guidelines while trying to lift people's spirits up amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Continue to keep your eyes out for Lucii the Alien, as she shines under the spotlight in the new normal of electronic dance music.

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