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LUNDØN Rocks On with Electro Track “Don’t Turn This Car Around”

Article by: Matt Garcia

Recently formed NYC duo LUNDØN, composed of Justin Peeling and Jeff Updike, collaborates with rock group Loveless to release this new dance jam “Don’t Turn This Car Around.” Julian Comeau of Loveless shares his vocals to line the track’s basslines. LUNDØN has already made strides in the EDM scene and this single blends sounds from dance and rock music to create a fun track prime for summertime.

“Don’t Turn This Car Around” features a strong walking bassline and upbeat rock percussion. This leads to the drop, which includes a more intense drum line and the same walking bass. The third and final drop of the track is the hardest, featuring a picked up percussion line and the inclusion of synthesizers all under Comeau’s stellar written vocal performance. His heartfelt lyrics speak of letting someone down but trying to hold on to the good feelings you had.

Fresh on the scene, LUNDØN made waves with their first release “Whoever’s Next” and continues to ride its momentum with this new single. The inclusion of the rock influences makes for a new feel of electronic dance music to appeal to a wider base of listeners. The duo skillfully combines two genres to create “Don’t Turn This Car Around,” as LUNDØN builds out its blooming discography.


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