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LUNDØN Rocks with New Tune “Only Drug”

Article By: Matt Garcia

After the success of its last release, the dance music duo LUNDØN, composed of Justin Peeling and Jeff Updike, use its musical knowledge once again to release its new single “Only Drug.” The duo combines multiple facets of rock and electronic dance music to form this new masterpiece. LUNDØN gained notoriety after the release of the single “Don’t Turn This Car Around” and aim for the same success with this new track.

“Only Drug” is the duo’s latest release and is a deep-hearted track about the one person who was just enough. The track features a light opening guitar and drum line, which quickly draws into an upbeat house drop. The duo uses an EDM-style transition into the second, and more intense, dubstep drop. This track is a mellow mix of house and dubstep for those who enjoy either of those genres. The lyrics and vocal performance match both drops perfectly to create a great track to close out 2020.

LUNDØN once again combines two very different genres of music to create the unique sound design. The duo is able to tap into a wider audience due to its musical prowess. LUNDØN continues to build a stellar reputation off the back of its recent releases and is sure to ride high on this release as well.


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