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LUZCID Shows His ‘True Colors’ on Masterful Downtempo EP

Article by: Ryan Hood

Quickly following up his latest Wakaan release, LUZCID heads to downtempo brother label Sskwan with his newest EP collection, True Colors. Forged during the height of the pandemic, these tracks represent a return to his roots for LUZCID, focusing on uplifting melodies and soothing harmonies.

A mainstay on the Wakaan label, LUZCID has become one of the pillars of experimental and left field bass in recent years. However, True Colors represents the more melodic side of LUZCID’s songwriting ability. During the pandemic, he said he found it more difficult to write up tempo festival bangers and found solace in creating this masterful EP.

“Lost In Time” is the perfect opening track for this EP. The intro features an entrancing melody which quickly gives way to a light trap beat as the topline melodies take the listener on a journey through vast soundscapes.

“Follow Me” uses a very similar structure while introducing airy vocal chops throughout the track. The song’s second drop follows a much more traditional dubstep percussive pattern while still emphasizing the gorgeous melodic bass synths.

“Give It All” is quite the sonic exploration. The track ominously builds, only to fade away as subliminal oscillating bass synths slowly start to rise. The bassline is eventually joined by a halftime drum pattern to create a slow, disoriented melody fit for a sunrise set as listeners’ consciousnesses dissipate into the air and become one with sound.

“I Know You” dials it back in all the right ways. This track employs a wide variety of FX as it paints a beautiful auditory picture. Samples of what sound like a child’s laughter makes this track feel incredibly nostalgic and is a fitting ending for this EP.

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