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Markus Schultz Headed To Tempe

German-American trance producer Markus Schultz is headed to Tempe’s Shady Park this Friday, August 23rd with support from Sean & Xander, Danny Stephen and Ericksii. This show follows the release of his newest track, “I Need Love,” and just in time for the drop of his newest collaboration with songstress HALIENE.

Personally, I am extremely excited to catch Markus coming back to his roots! Schultz previously held a seven year long residency in Scottsdale at a local club known as The Works, where he crafted and developed his personal style into the sound we know and love today. Though the club closed down in 1998, Schulz still speaks of his time there and how influential it was to his musical journey.

His name has sparked passion amongst the EDM community and his progressive style has made him sought after by stars such as Madonna, Jewel, and more.

His tracks will take you through a journey, weaving you in and out of the music on an adventure new to many.

If you got to catch A State of Trance 900 Madrid, you were able to listen to a teaser of his track “Ava Marie” with HALIENE earlier this year. This track is a soulful track that was produced in honor of his mother who passed this year. Luckily, for those that were unable to catch it, he uploaded it on to his personal youtube channel back in April.

Additionally, you may catch his weekly radio show Global DJ Broadcast featuring a special 2 hour mix by the man himself. A fantastic opportunity to get to know new artists, fall in love with more tracks, and immerse yourself in his stories. The broadcast can be found on Thursdays channel 52 of Sirius XM radio, or by tuning in online.

This is definitely a must-see event! It is not often that an international DJ who has been around for as long as he has, is able to make their way to Arizona. I hope to see some of you in the crowd.

Get tickets while you can here:

Listen Here to “Ava Marie”

Listen Here to “I Need Love”

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