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Maroc Brings Incredible Energy with Drum and Bass Track “Viper”

Article by: Ryan Hood

Fresh off his first release of the year, “Dark Origins,” Maroc follows up with an energetic drum and bass anthem “Viper.” Moon Lvnding is proud to bring you an exclusive premiere of “Viper,” as it's set to release on all major streaming platforms Tuesday, February 8.

Maroc has been on a warpath to start 2022. “Viper” and “Dark Origins” are two of Maroc’s strongest tunes, displaying outstanding sound design in the tracks’ dynamic basslines. Coupling that impressive bassline with punishing percussion, “Viper” is certain to send crowds into a frenzy. The sustained bass synth gives the track incredible groove and danceability. Maroc flexes his signature sound on “Viper,” while bringing infectious energy to this drum and bass record.

Maroc is coming off a major festival announcement for 2022: he will be playing two sets at Sol Fest along with several other artists from Mean Mug Music collective. He will also be playing at The Black Box for the first time this February. We’re looking forward to even more he has in store for later this year.

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