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Matroda Drops Catchy New Future House Track “Forget It”

Article by: Vassili Makavos

Having been influenced by groups and artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra, Matroda brings a classical essence which makes his unique sound well rounded. “Forget It” is his most recent release on Insomniac Records and this track is one explosive bass house experience all EDM goers should take the opportunity to enjoy.

“Forget It” gets right down to business from the start. The song begins with a slight reverse drop fading into an arpeggiated sequence, which leads into the lyrics where the listener can clearly hear the main theme of the single. The male vocals hold a smooth yet rhythmic percussive eb and flow of tone, while a female voice echoes back with what sounds like a yearning plea.

“You can just forget it, we should just forget it” is what one hears as a culmination of intensity leads up to the drop, where a hard and crunchy synth bass is introduced. At this point, Matroda presents the fullness of the melody in the bass and the vocals lament “I’m never gonna get it back from you, I’m never gonna give it back to you.” This track deals with heartbreak, or a deeply rooted falling out to say the least.

With a final plea from the female vocals, the track ends abruptly and quickly fades out. Perhaps symbolic and resembling that of the final flames of a dying relationship. The driving beat leading to the end holds full force the intensity and empowering emotions of entanglement in a doomed scenario. Whether blasting the stereo in your car or blowing up the speakers in your living room, this gem of a track is sure to be epic however it is listened to.

For more sweet releases, stay tuned in and follow Moon Lvnding’s #NewMusicFriday Spotify playlist for new sick tracks like “Forget It!” For more information on Matroda, check out the links below.

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