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MELVV Welcomes Web3 with "When I'm With You"

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Marking his first independent song release after his time with Atlantic Records, the Brooklyn-based artist MELVV is ready with “When I’m With You.” The song is set for an limited NFT drop today, April 7, with the listening party beginning at 5:30pm EDT on Sound. Then at midnight April 8, the song will be available on all music outlets, which you can pre-save here.

This isn’t MELVV’s first foray into the world of web3 and NFTs either. His first audiovisual NFT debuted on Foundation in 2021, and he followed that up with a collection of five audio NFTs on Catalog earlier this year. MELVV is also quite familiar with Sound, evidenced by a large number of Sound NFTs in his public wallet, but this will mark his first release on the platform. “I’m stoked to be able to drop this record with them [Sound],” MELLV shares. “This additional release will help fund future projects, as well as give the fans an extra collectible to hold on to.”

The song itself is sweet and tender, with a very delicate and intimate feel to the sound design. “When I’m With You” is the kind of tune you want to share with the people you hold dear as you hug them tightly and let them know how much they mean to you.

MELVV describes the song saying, “it’s for my girlfriend, my family, and my friends for being there for me when we all got stuck inside; for the feeling of being at shows, looking over to the person next to you and knowing you both feel the same thing; and for the nostalgia of times spent together when you’re away.”

One thing is for sure, the move to independent releases allows MELVV more freedom with his creative process. “I’m really excited to be an independent artist for the first time since I was 19,” he reveals. “Over the past five years, I’ve put together a catalog that didn’t quite fit in with my major label releases; ‘When I’m With You’ is the first of these.” With the ability to reach fans directly though the NFTs of Web3, artists like MELVV are able to retake control of their artistic vision, and we here at Moon Lvnding are encouraged by this evolution of music technology.

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