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Mersiv Explores The Uncharted Territories of “Bermuda's Triangle”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Driving into his unique dark-loud style of bass music, Mersiv throws down his robust, thunderous, and sharp-witted style on his latest explosive banger “Bermuda’s Triangle.” Out now through Liquid Stranger’s esteemed record label WAKAAN

Just this year, Mersiv built-up an insane production arsenal. Dominating the quarantine spitfire release game with six smashing singles, and two killer EP’s so far.

 In his latest creation “Bermuda’s Triangle,” Mersiv utilizes an eerie array of soft synthesizers and punchy beats to set the scene for an absurd oscillatory drop that's packed full of goosebump triggering bass.

Stay tuned for more from Mersiv, at this rate we’re sure to get more music from him by the end of the year. 

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