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MNNR Connects with Close Your Eyes

Article by: Thomas Taylor

"Close Your Eyes" is the latest single from Italian producer MNNR to drop on the Insomniac Music Group's In / Rotation imprint. It's a progressive, underground techno track masquerading as a house song in all of the best possible ways. Released earlier this week, the song is a technical treat and highlights the industry veteran’s ability to blur the line between a traditional house and more technical drum and bass.

"Close Your Eyes" is a techno-inspired creation that builds with a booming kettle drum sound, atypical aural flourishes, and a dance-inducing, jagged synth. The male vocals are haunting, but at the same time soothing, beckoning a trip to nirvana. The track is yet another success in a growing list of great releases thus far in 2020.

MNNR has been actively building a fantastic catalog of original releases, so it looks like he will be all aboard the hype train as it pulls out of the station. It’s easy for producers to get lost in what the fans want, or to succumb to a sense of impostor syndrome, when they’re starting to really grind and see success after success. But "Close Your Eyes," with its muted drums and commanding 808s, is impressive because it shows a level of refinement and restraint by the talented producer.

The tune is a great choice for any tech-head looking for a spacey reinterpretation of classic underground production. MNNR deserves plenty of dark filthy play and "Close Your Eyes" is the first track I want to hear in a grimy club as soon as safely possible.


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