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Moon Lvnding Halfway to 1K

Article by: Sam Wolloch and Nick Lamoureux

It has been my pleasure writing articles on Moon Lvnding for almost two years, and now as the chief editor I am excited to write our 500th article and take a look back at some of our first.

It all started with a few event reviews in July of 2019, first for Global Dance Festival and then mine for Green Velvet’s La La Land at The Brooklyn Mirage. In fact, we were operating under another name until this landmark article from August 6, 2019 --

Moon Landing was formed!

We’ve flipped a few things up over the years, including out-of-this-world new spelling for our brand Moon Lvnding. We raised thousands of dollars for Feeding America with our ORBIT Virtual Experience with 13 talented artists performing. We continue highlighting amazing local talent with our Who Are Ya?! article series, most recently with the Vegas hardstyle DJ NickyP.

I’m astounded by how much we’ve grown over these 500 articles, especially outside of our writing coverage. The New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify stays fresh each and every week with a wide range of EDM goodies.

The Launch Pad video series on our YouTube channel has interviews with artists, like Pauline Herr, Henry Fong, and our first with tyDi, as well as important players working behind the scenes like Cody Harvey and Ian Hiscock.

And don’t miss our Mothership Radio mix series, from this first bass house set to our most recent 10th guest mix series with Gratum, it has mixes to fix any of your EDM needs.

Finally, you can catch us in person at some of the biggest live events in Arizona, because we have merch booths at the summer event series hosted by Relentless Beats at Rawhide, complete with festival fashion and all the essentials. We are all looking forward to seeing you at an event soon and as you continue reading our work on the way to 1K.

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